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07-03-2013, 09:11 PM
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THN's Ryan Kennedy on Vinny and the Flyers cap situation. So much ignorance.

"Six inches and 35 pounds. That may be the biggest difference between the newest member of the Philadelphia Flyers, Vinny Lecavalier, and one of the latest casualties, Danny Briere."

How does this dude get paid to write this ****? I would expect this from an unknown freelance beat writer. The biggest difference between Vinny and Danny is six inches and 35 pounds? Its not the 2 million in cap savings for a much more serviceable player? Definitely cant be that Vinny can create his own space, play a much better puck possession game and not get bumped off the puck by a sneeze from the bench. Vinny put up 10 goals 32points in 39 games, Briere put up 6 goales 16points in 34. Thats a huge difference right there.

Dont get me wrong I loved Danny B even with his over paid cap hit. he was a solid locker presence, and even though he was often nagged by injuries he really was a warrior in the playoffs. Also is one of the main staples that pulled us out of that horrible season. That being said there is a huge difference between a 33 year old Vinny and 35 yearold worn down Danny.

Kennedy then goes on a rant about how screwed the Flyers cap situation is and were going to lose Voracek or Coots due to the Vinny signing.

How is it the Flyers are out right screwed with 13 players signed at 43mil next season but the Penguins are in amazing shape with 9 players locked into 48mil?

Sorry for the rant I know im preaching to the choir but this dude might as well just be getting paid to post on the main board with this lazy ass ignorant opinionated dribble.

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