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07-03-2013, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Good move.

Camby sucks. Novak is the most one-dimensional player in the NBA since Del Curry.

They essentially got a guy who is a one of the most lethal outside shooters in the NBA -- a slight dip below Nowitzki. The fact that he can grab 5-6 boards a game despite hanging out on the outside is a good sign as well.

Very good move. He's young too. Novak, Camby and Kidd were useless the last two months of the season. People cried about Melo needing secondary help.

Well, now he's got it.
Good move?

They got a guard in a big mans body,another 1 dimensional player who doesn't defend,averaged 4 boards last year.Yes,4 boards...and gave up more draft picks in the process.

We still have no backup big man that can defend.i really don't see it as a good move.We are becoming such a 1 dimensional team up front its sad.

But hey,we got another scorer for Melo not to pass the ball to!

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