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07-03-2013, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Noir View Post
It's a difficult question because you can't really teach deking. Deking is the ability to feign 1 move and get your opponent moving out of position defensively with respect to you.

The better you are at selling your fakes, the better you are as a deker. The interesting thing about dekes is, stickhandling is just really half of it. I've seen people who can execute toe-drags, inside-outs, spin-o-ramas on warm ups but have little success within a game because although they got the moves down, they're not selling their fakes well.

(Geez! I thought I could explain it better than this. I know what I'm talking about in my mind but for some reason, I apologize but I can't articulate it well enough.)

I think you said it pretty well, actually. You can have the best toe-drag form in the world but if you show the defenseman you're going to do it, he's going to stop you. There needs to be some sort of "pre-dangle move" before you actually try to dangle a defenseman. I'm not saying you need to fake to the backhand before you toe-drag the puck, but you need to get him thinking about something - skating wide on him, making a pass, taking a shot, etc. A subtle movement one way and dragging it the other way could work, or even something as small as picking up a bit more speed can throw the defenseman off. But if you're coming in one-on-one with a defenseman, and he has perfect gap control, one move will probably not beat him.

Edit: Damn, I see what Noir was saying. I'm having a difficult time trying to get my point across also.

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