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Originally Posted by strizzy16 View Post
(edit/note: if the mods want to move this to the big jersey thread that's cool but I kind of wanted my own topic so people actually saw it. cheers.)

Hey fellow Coyotes fanatics, I posted a couple of my Coyotes concepts in the bigger thread last year, but I've been working on this concept for months and although it still isn't in its most refined state, I thought I would share it with y'all.

Basically, I'm a graphic designer known as EkspresS Design, and when I'm not doing paid jobs I like to mess around with sports jerseys and logo designs for fun. I've been at it since I was 14 (so about 7 years) and I've come along way, thanks in part to frequently posting on the Chris Creamer sports logos forum (if you love uniforms/design, or just want the latest news/insider scoops on what jerseys are coming out soon, then it's worth checking out, if you can look past the general douchiness of some of the members). What I'm about to show you is my latest Coyotes concept after about 10-15 preceding it haha, so I think it's my best one. It's my first one to incorporate a complete overhaul of the package, new logos, color scheme, fonts, etc.

I plan on sending this in to the team shortly. Obviously I'm a realist and I don't expect the Jamison group to even consider my designs if the new owners actually do happen. But I just want y'all to know what COULD have been, hah. I'm also a true fan of both Coyotes and good design sense, so I would let them take over this look for FREE......... but no matter, that's beside the point.

I've packaged all of these graphics in an extensive "creative brief" (I'm an advertising major, forgive the lingo), I'll let you guys see that when it's finished, that I'm gonna send in to the organization. The brief contains descriptions of each section of the package so I'll include excerpts from that to give you an idea of the direction of this rebrand.

Oh, and borrowing from rumors surrounding the Jamison group's desires, the team is now known as the ARIZONA Coyotes in my world. Here goes......

I. The updated colors keeps in mind the primarily brick red set the team currently wears but takes it a few steps further. The main color is still a deep shade of red, but slightly brighter and accompanied by a darker shade of maroon, “deep wine”, giving the team a unique two-tone red look. The two reds are joined by a new element, a mustardy gold, and the familiar light beige “sand” accent. The scheme is specifically designed to reflect the warm yet bold desert landscape. Still, it continues to align with many popular teams in the southwestern state such as the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, and ASU Sun Devils. (sorry I don't have the pantone values chosen yet haha, like I said I'm not done with this project).

II. The primary logo features the image of a coyote sitting on its haunches, howling at the moon. It sits on the top of an updated wordmark that draws elements from original Coyotes script that debuted in ‘95. The word “Arizona” appears below “Coyotes”, once again emphasizing the new, more inclusive title. A crescent moon and hockey sticks round out the primary mark. The moon is a simple symbol that has been around since the club’s inception but takes a different form with a slight shadow from the darker gold. The two hockey sticks feature a repeated triangle motif seen on the coyote’s nose, an element also found throughout the jersey design.

III. The updated crest/partial logo takes the coyote from the primary mark and gives a profile view of only its face, tilted forward to imply motion and speed. The logo is not unlike the pose used in the Coyote’s current primary, giving fans a familiar shaped jersey crest. The logo has a thick gold outline, triangle shapes on the snout, and a slight crescent shape on the tip of the nose, referencing the alternate moon logo. It is used on the chest of the home and road jerseys, pants of the alternate jersey, and takes on an altered color scheme (dropping the gold) in the new “white out” road alternate jersey. It’s an instantly recognizable logo with its curled back ears and a dynamic expression, which is quite important as it will most often be used on merchandise.

IV. The combination of three alternate marks round out the package, which includes two roundel logos and one partial of the main logo (not shown below, it's just the primary without the words). The go-to alternate logo of the package features a bold cactus at the font backed by a desert scene with mountains. The trim around the circle echoes the rising sun motif of the Arizona flag, and “Coyotes” in the new font appears at the bottom. A much more simplifed alternate logo is also crucial to the package as the moon stands alone on a dark maroon background. The moon has been around since the franchise’s inception; it stays here with a modernized shape.

V. The straightforward blocky font translates from the script logos to the numbers. The font is a variation on traditional athletic block fonts, but gives a uniquely southwestern feel while also meshing well with the rest of the brand. The color choice for the first three jerseys is meant to provide a good amount of contrast with the jersey base, this creates optimal ease in viewing for fans and broadcasters alike. Differently, the numbers on the whiteout alternate create a white-on-white effect, emphasizing the unique aspect of this rarely-worn uniform. On a smaller scale, the triangle motif is found in a very subtle form on all of the numbers. It creates an interesting texture on the jerseys, something one-of-a-kind to the NHL, but also adds detail that could be seen on television in our HD age.

VI. The home and road jerseys have a simple yet distinctive striping scheme. It starts thin near the collar/shoulder area, but flairs out at the sleeve while also wrapping around at the bottom of the sleeve. You'll notice that when players raise their arms in celebration, the wrap-around creates the familiar "Northwestern" stripe that is currently utilized on the Coyotes jerseys, which is also repeated on the socks, albeit with a different color sequence. At the same time, a sublimated triangle pattern is used where the wrap around stripes meet at the hem. The triangle pattern comes back on the simple one-color pants, along with the moon logo. The cactus roundel logo complements the howling crest logo by being placed on the shoulders. The two pants colors are completely interchangeable, but I believe that the darker one would look better with the darker jersey while the lighter pants would work perfectly with the sand colored uniform. This a-traditional qualities of this off-white uniform make it distinctive to the desert yet still light enough to be easily distinguishable as the road team in other club's arenas.

VII. The main alternate utilizes the darker shade of maroon contrasted with bold accents of sand and the lighter red color. The logo placement is completely new to the NHL, except for maybe the infamous "wild wing" Mighty Ducks teal alternate jersey. The howling Coyote sits on the hem stripe on the front of the uniform. Behind him, the sunburst motif from the Arizona flag is sublimated in to the jersey base, a very subtle element that references Arizona's rich heritage. The triangle theme is again incorporated in to both the sand colored stripes on the sleeves and hem and the uniform numbers. Finally, the Whiteout uniform rounds out the jerseys. Obviously, white is the biggest focus of the jersey, and the lightness of the look is emphasized with the sand colored pants and the white stripes continued on the pants. The numbers themselves are quite subtle, sand and white triangles make up their base with a thick red outline. The uniform is intended to only be worn on Wednesday home games ("Whiteout Wednesdays", intended to be a way to draw fans in and increase attendance for weekday games) and during home playoff games, continuing the famous Whiteout tradition for years to come.

I hope you guys enjoy this. If anyone wants to see my website / portfolio, I included a link to the Coyotes section of the website below. Feel free to browse through some of my work (website is not complete but updates to come) and contact me if you need any design jobs or just want to chat about why a Coyotes fan would live in Athens, Georgia! (And, I work on the cheap.)

Thanks for viewing!

Wow, great job. I came over here to read about the Coyotes situation stumbled upon your stuff. Great work. Personally I think the Coyotes black jersey is one of the best in the league but your stuff looks good.

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