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Originally Posted by Beendair Donedat View Post
I disagree. French has a lot to do with... Even the "pure laines" won't return "home." English (or non French) guys have been railroaded here - Mike Keane comes to mind. The language was and always has been an issue... As recently as the Cunneyworth fiasco with people crying that a unilingual Anglo was at the helm before he coached a game!!! We lost Muller because of the language... So many times this team has cut off it's nose to spite it's face.
Mike Keen is the only exemple and it was contextual, bad management. I doubt we ever have a Coneyworth fiasco ever again, what was the management thinking? Gauthier was totaly out to lunch if didn't thought that taking a unilangual coach on the Habs would cause massive retardation. Muller knew like all the coach in the league that if they don't speak french they won't have the job, what does this have to do with the players?


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