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07-04-2013, 02:38 AM
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Quoting Zadorov he was continuously asked about vodka during the interviews. I mean, if teams still operate on that level of perception of Russia and russian players little wonder the russian factor is a factor.

In all seriousness there is for some reason a strong belief in NA, not only among fans, but also among team officials obviously that a player gets completely lost for them if he stays in Russia for a couple of years of developing and the only chance to develop a player is to bring him over right away a put him through the whole NA system. The only benefit for the players I see in that is getting accostomed to the diffrent culture and learn the language. Otherwise the players are better off developing at least until the age of 21-22 in their home country.

But that's what russian factor is in most cases. It's not even the fear that the player wouldn't come over at all, it's more the expectation to have the player in their system of development right away and thus the fear of not being able to get that, like there is no rest of the world.

What we get is in many cases a player who didn't finish his learning in Russia and got the NA system "forced" at him at age 16-19. Some manage to convert it into something useful, a lot of them just don't.

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