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07-04-2013, 06:44 AM
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Originally Posted by StellerEller View Post
In no order:

Tax, Pressure (fan and media), weather, incompetent management.

I think the 4th one could be done with (hopefully).

And frankly the cap should be amended for high-tax areas. For example, Montreal could sign someone for more than other teams but the cap hit should be after tax. Levels the playing field. Anyone think I'm on to something, or am I way off?
Originally Posted by JLP View Post
I've also wondered about the NHL doing this. The computations would be complex but I agree it could level the playing field. Doubt it would happen though because the other teams wouldn't support a policy that only benefited the Habs.

On "incompetent management" I don't think the Habs are viewed this way any longer, they've been eclipsed by other franchises' incompetence in recent years.
Originally Posted by Vsevolod Bobrov View Post
Income tax laws change all the time. Such a structure would be a nightmare to manage year in year out. For every team, and for the league who would have to monitor every state/province's regulation.
Some time ago, I proposed something similar, but not through the league.

What the Habs should do is lobby the provincial government to give a complete tax cut to the players and give a higher tax to the Habs to compensate.

Habs are too classy and Molson is just starting among the board of governors and that might be frowned upon, but come to think of it, PKP might just try that in the near future, and he'd probably get it too, POing Bettman and a few owners in the process. I don't like PKP, but that would be epic.

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