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Originally Posted by dansk55 View Post
This is rebuild 10.0. I am sure if they are selling, and the braintrust wants to sell, Dunnick will be available, along with Nikandropov, and chapman and even Tony D. '
Should be an interesting year at best... No matter of the russian connections, i think we'e going to see another high midget pick... and if trevor can handle the room... he was Jock's good cop... let's see when the shoe is reversed and the pressure is on...
Oh ya, congrats to Nemechek... Sure you'll love Saskatoon.
Duininck would be the only guy available IMO with you list. Nikandrov is too important to the team off the ice. With having 3 russians on the team next year he will be the best person to help translate if needed. Chapman, unless he has improved his skating, he would still be a 5/6 Dman on the Sting and one of their top Penalty Killers. He wont be a big enough improvement on the top teams that they would want him. Tony D, is going to be the cornerstone of the Sting Defence for the next 3 seasons. With JB gone and Trevor now the coach, he will be much better. Though there would be a big return on him, I just don't see him being traded now unless it is a deal the Sting can't refuse.

IMO the movable players are Basso, Dipaolo, Moore, Latta, and maybe Duininck.

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