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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Some of these arguments are really pointless.

Novak made a name for himself 2 seasons ago, his first year here. For whatever reason, the Knicks gave him a grossly overpaying contract for his abilities.

He plays 0 defense. He can't drive to the hoop. He can't rebound. And last year he was ineffective when doing the only thing he's good at, shooting 3's. He got some burn in the beginning of the season but he lived down to his play from the previous year and that's why he continued to lose time as the season went along. It's not like he was in the doghouse when he lost time either - he was given every opportunity to win his minutes back. We had a bevy of injuries all year long and he did nothing to solidify his role on this team with more than ample opportunities.

I loved the Camby trade here when it was made. We got him for 2 2nd round picks and 3 players that would have made 0 impact for this team - essentially nothing. But sometimes you work up a player in your imagination and build up unfair expectations of how they'll play, which is exactly what I did. I thought (hoped) that Camby could be our X-Factor this season. We needed physical centers focused on defense and that was his forte. I'm not going to blame injuries on his season, Marcus has lost his ability to play in the NBA. Instead of being a strong cog in our defensive unit he would become a liability. He was constantly out of position, bullied out from under the paint, making stupid decisions. He was slow to get back on defense, he was slow to get up the court to assist with offensive rebounds. Marcus was one of my favorite players growing up but there comes a time when the body can no longer handle playing professional sports amongst younger and stronger guys.

As for the draft picks we lost. 2 2nd's (again essentially nothing) and a 1st in 2016. The 1st hurts, but only if we have a horrific season that year. As for that, I do not think it will be the case. 73.5 mill will be coming off the books between 4 players the year before. Money talks. If the fa's resign, we can do sign and trades with unhappy players. The point is we have a lot of flexibility then. It was a great alignment of contracts by Grunwald.

As for the trade itself, I like it, personally. The 1st hurt cause there is no guarantee we will field a good team in 3 years time and therefore that pick could be invaluable to rebuilding. Besides that though, Bargnani compliments Melo better than anyone on the current roster. He could provide to be a very important piece to this team if he is able to be coached defensively and buys into the effort and defense that is preached here. I think he needed a change of scenery so his production should only improve as a member of the Knicks.

Rebounding wise, he'll contribute more than both Camby and Novak did/would have. Camby never got on the court and Novak couldn't do that. Defensively, Bargnani can't be worse than Novak and again Camby never got on the court to contribute to team defense, even if healthy. Offensively Bargnani is miles above both Novak and Camby together. He has consistency where Novak does not. I know it may upset some of you but you need to look at the realistic production of the players we traded rather than what you ideally think they'll be able to do.

At worst, if healthy, Bargnani will be able to give us 15 and 5 a night.

That's better than Novak + Camby at best.
Actually, Denver has the option to swap #1s that year, so unless both the Knicks and Denver are very bad, that pick was going to be in the 20's anyway.

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