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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post

Your straw man about shooting over 75 MPH can go right up there with the rest of them, which I believe involve banning checking, encasing all players in pads or a bubble, and singing "Kumbaya" when trying to defend against a player driving to the net.
You show Trent McCleary catching one in the throat to a room of soccer moms and I suspect slappers over 75 do get banned.

And the " I know it when I see it" argument is completely arbitrary, and additionally was the precise way in which the league adjudicated it. They looked at it and decided that it was an extension of a normal hockey play and did not warrant supplemental discipline. But because YOU think it is egregious , they should revise their position and simply adopt where you would draw the line.
You, or the kids parents, are not the sole arbitrers of what is or what is not reasonable by fiat.

I've been on the ice when kids have been injured far worse on innocuous looking plays. If someone gets rubbed out and falls awarkardly, thats a normal hockey play that wenrt bad. If you don't think fighting is going to go away, why not adopt the same standard, that this was a warranted hockey fight that ended up going bad for one of them? Oh that's right because fighting is forbidden in all levels of hockey. Circuitous indeed.

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