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07-04-2013, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post

Did not like Harvey, who looked tired and constantly let his check get inside position, or Koby who again did nothing and made too many passes that led directly to turnovers. Also thought Herzog confirmed the fact that he has no talent at all.
Harvey drives me nuts, if he's not scoring, he is such a liability at the back that I am not sure he is a benefit. I simply don't think he is a good player, he lacks awareness of players around him.

Pretty much agree. Not sure why Hertzog started with much better options on the bench. I could see it he was able to maintain possession as that is something Manneh & Hurtado have struggled with a little, but he provided nothing. The only thing Heinneman provides is size, he's pretty useless too.

I was initially impressed with Daigo's first couple of games, but the last 10 games or so he has done very little imo. Hes a decent dribbler & passer but for a supposed playmaker has created very little. I am hoping Koffie is ready to start again so we can get him off the field.

Though sadly that might leave Watson on the field, and other than running his ass off (which I do appreciate), he is also a turnover machine and can't maintain possesion.

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