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07-04-2013, 11:55 AM
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I've watched goalies my whole life and followed the career of Cory Schneider closely. This is THE best goaltender I have ever seen come through the Canucks' system. He is as good as advertised, as a Canucks fan I hope it works out for all involved, but I'm certain it will work out for the Devils.


- Elite leg speed. This guy is lightning fast down low. His leg speed rivals that of his childhood friend Jon Quick in my opinion.
- NEVER gives up on a play, makes some miraculous saves at times because of this.
- Make-up. He's a really good, smart kid that will fit in well. Calm and collected most times. Consumate teammate and role model.
- Consistancy. Look up his stats. From High School to College to the AHL and then the NHL, Schneider has put up elite stats at every level. His off games are few and far between most of the time.
- Positioning. Generally in correct postition do deal with shot and rebound. He's as good as anyone in this regard.


- Puckhandling. Marty will help and he's gotten a bit better, but easily the weakest part of his game.
- Battle/compete level. While he never gives up, he could do a bit better at battling in front of the net. This is a nitpick though.
- Can be shaky at times. But considering the amount of pressure he was dealing with at times in Vancouver, I don't think this will be a concern going forward.

I realize you guys have had Marty in net for a long time and know what good goaltending looks like, but Schneider in my opinion is on the cusp of becoming on of the top goaltenders in the game. It physically makes me ill that he is no longer a Canuck. But I'm also happy for him as now he's no longer an evil Canuck player he will get the recognition he deserves.

I'd wish you good luck, but with Schneiderman, you won't need luck.

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