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07-04-2013, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by vandyfan84 View Post
Have you ever been to San Diego? That place rarely seems temperatures north of 80 degrees or south of 60 degrees.

I wouldn't classify it as a warm climate(I think San Diego's climate is awesome TBH). IMO, you can't classify yourself as a warm climate if you walk outside in the summer and don't immediately start sweating at least once.

When I lived in Vegas(BTW, it gets in the 40s pretty regularly during the winter months in Vegas) my girlfriend and I made a weekend trip to San Diego to escape the heat and the difference was 35 degrees as it was 110 in Vegas and 75 in San Diego. But by your logic, San Diego is warm and Vegas isn't because it gets cold in Vegas during the winter and it doesn't in San Diego.
Yes, I used to live in San Diego haha. I'm also looking to get back in a year or so. Once you get away from the coast, it gets into the 80s and 90s frequently. The general toungue-in-cheek rule of thumb is for every mile inland you go, you add one degree to the temperature. I used to go to school in El Cajon which is about 20 miles east of the coast. High 90s to low 100s is common out there. But it's obviously very dry. "Warm" is a general word I'm using. When I think of NHL cities like LA, Anaheim, San Jose, Phoenix, Florida, Tampa I'm thinking of the generally warm and dry climates during the fall/winter/spring, when the player and his family would be living there. If I put myself in one of those above cities (Vegas included) on any typical day throughout hockey season, the odds are it's going to be warmer than it would be in Nashville on any given day. In Nashville, we tend to get excited if it's 70 in January, and when it does, a storm is usually coming the next day. We have our bits and pieces of consistent comfortable weather in the winter, but it's always seemed pretty rare to me.

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