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07-04-2013, 01:54 PM
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Maybe it's just me but in the past couple of years it seems UNB has shifted their view of recruiting. In years past they usually always went for the team captain or alternate, two way forward with decent junior stats and rarely below a height of 5"10. Recently it seems they get a lot more players based on their Major Junior Statistics, a lot of names with well over a point of game, many of those scoring 30+ goals a year a handful with 49+ goals, but many of these guys are much smaller than the players UNB are used to seems to be a few guys with heights of 5"8 and 5"9 or in the case of Ben Duffy 5"10 but only 165lbs.

Ability to score is good but UNBs strength has always been the players playing as a team, playing a 2 way game, lots of Hustle. I'm not saying the new guys coming in(maybe) don't do that but it seems some don't. I've read articles and comments on Ben Duffy that he has tremendous vision and offensive awareness, but he's not a great skater and is a defensive liability. In an article on Brandon Hynes (5"8 btw) he states UNB is his plan B, he quickly fell out of favour with his coach in Victoriaville for lack of effort defensively, when traded to Acadie Bathurst he was given the captains C than quickly stripped of it.

A player in the past like Wiebe all the offensive talents in the world given a first role, and gone just like that after a half season to take another shot at minor pro. A guy like Taylor Proshychen outstanding numbers in the WHL but never got on track with offence here before his conclusions and offered little to no defensive play and was 5"8 or 9?

Without looking at more of the new recruits it seems their was more great stats but undersized. Maybe it's just me being picky

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