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Originally Posted by BroadwayBlues View Post
Let's be real, Amar'e and his contract is the reason the Knicks can't improve therefore take the next step.

If they had another REAL max player, they'd be a top team.

Big mistake signing Amar'e.
Big mistake picking up Biillups option and proceeding to use that Amar'e bailout card (amnesty) on him.
The Knicks roster is flawed all the way through. The only pieces I really like are Chandler and Shumpert. Carmelo is very good at what he's good at but he's also very limited in what he can do. The team has no one to really run the offense well since Felton is the definition of mediocre. Stoudemire is injury prone and can't play defense. Bargnani is injury prone and can't play period. Smith is really nothing more than a volume shooter. Everyone else is an aging veteran. The Knicks took advantage of an injury wracked Eastern Conference last year. I expect them to drop several spots.

I look at the Knicks and the way they continually flush draft picks down the toilet and never seem to have much in the way of young talent and I wonder if they are purposely trying to be the anti-Spurs. It's generally not a good idea to run your team in the exact opposite way as the best run team in the league. I know people are going to spout off about the Knicks building through free agency to become a contender, but that plan is highly suspect. The only team that has succeeded by doing basically nothing but chase free agents is the Heat. The only reason that worked is because one of the guys they landed is the best player in the world. There's only one LeBron and the Knicks aren't getting him.

What's the plan? Landing Kevin Love in two seasons is both a long shot and probably doesn't actually make the Knicks contenders. Carmelo just had his best season in the NBA playing power forward and now you guys want to acquire a guy who ensures that Anthony will never get to play that position. Half-baked ideas like this are why the Knicks are perpetually caught between prentender status and abject mediocrity all while never finding the kind of franchise changing talent available in the draft.

The Knicks would be much better off following an organization like Houston. They acquired a critical mass of picks, young assets, and cap space and waited for the right trade to appear. They were able to deal for Harden, surround him with young talent, and maintain the flexibility to add another big piece. Now they could land Howard and make the jump to being legitimate contenders.

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