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07-04-2013, 02:16 PM
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If any one has spent any time out of Montreal you would see that cities like Miami, New York, LA, Dallas, San Jose, Toronto etc have a lot to offer. Lower taxes, English language schools, better weather, better quality of living, less media scrutiny, "normal" politics etc etc etc

Not to say Montreal isn't a great city, just that some other cities offer more in terms of quality of life than Montreal does. I think if a player wants to come here, they must really want to play for us because Montreal can't compete with most of the other X factors that drive players to other markets.

Lets be honest, who wouldn't want to play in Florida, Texas (both tax free), Cali, etc etc. I'm from Montreal born and bred and I love my Habs but I totally get why players would chose other markets.

Montreal has its mystique but that only gets you so far. Like anything else, winnings probably the biggest component. If you're a consistent winner, you can attract more players but even that isn't a guaranteed. Detroits not having the same success in acquiring ufa's as they used to and it's a **** hole of a city. Same for Buffalo.

Overall I know we like to think we're special but this is a different era. We haven't won **** in 20 years and its more a business than anything. Lastly, if all things are equal, you go where the money is, period.

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