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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
I guess that was one time they did not go for the best player available.
I remember Dean saying that they were trying to move down, but couldn't. In the end, he wanted Hickey because of his character/leadership qualities and because he was a smooth skating puck moving defenseman and he felt that he needed another young one with high upside to grow with Jack Johnson.

Remember, at this time Drew Doughty isn't even on our radar. We weren't really anticipating getting another shot at a player like that in that position. Lottery picks are fickle. You try to draft the best player available, but it is impossible to ignore need there as well, because whoever you select will likely play early and has a very good chance at being a franchise, long term player for your team.

If you have a weak defense, and the best player is a center, right next to him is a marquee defenseman, it is tempting to grab the defenseman just so you could have that player, for cheap, in that spot for 7 years+.

If you have the first overall pick, then BPA would be your best bet, but if you are sitting at 3-5 and there is some parody between the players, looking at need doesn't hurt too much. That was a pretty weak draft overall.


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