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Originally Posted by ZARTONK View Post
Wow... OK....

You're right, I hadn't read the post completely, but now that I did, I have to say, it's not better....

Sure, your method will help with the problem at hand, however, the financial burden that the Montreal Canadiens would have to support makes this whole idea obsolete...

You want them to compensate and pay the taxes the players would have paid, so let's look at the approximate amount paid last year, including bonuses and all, $62,200,199, you have, at 23% of taxation about 15M$ to be paid to the provincial government...

Which is about a third of the operating income for the Montreal Canadiens....

There is no way Molson will ask for this, and even if he did, there would be no way he could support such a loss to his income....
Then a partial tax cut, compensate equally... it's a way to go 'over' the cap and be more competitive on the free market. Pretty sure Molson would go over the cap if he could. Now the problem is with current contracts, so it would take a few years before all contracts can be accorded. Gives more incentive to the player to perform here as they would get less elsewhere if traded, players we already have could be easier to sign at a discount, and players wanting to come here would get more at equal salary than elsewhere. There's definitely a transition period where Molson would spend a little bit more, but in the long run, this could become an advantage.

Operating income for the Habs is close to 100 mil. There are other things to pay than players. So about 15%.

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