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10-24-2006, 07:16 AM
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Depends on what grade of strain. Because you indicate pain on extension with(?) resistance I would say off hand its between a grade 1 and grade 2. You made a good decision to hold off for the week.

Ice would be indicated where there is continuous pain to increase blood flow and reduce any swelling/inflammation. !5 minutes on/15 off or you start a hypothermic response(reduced blood flow to area) Heat as much as possible and a wrap will help speed the process. Wet a towel and microwave. Wrap Damp(not dripping) heated towel in a dry towel for a good moist heat wrap. Be sure to NOT burn yourself ! You cant over do heat. Another day or three and you should see marked improvement.

Be sure to walk out the stiffness, avoid any serious stretching of the injured thigh until pain free on resisted leg extention, and begin with assisted squats(no weight). STOP if you feel pain. Place two dining chairs pack to back and stand between. Hold the chaid backs using your arms for the assistance. Try ONE unassisted squat if you have NO PAIN. The thigh should be wrapped with an ace bandage or a compression wrap during this. Be sure your protein intake is sufficient to help the healing process. Use your best judgement when deciding to increase your work load. A stationary bike on a VERY low resistance setting is a great rehab tool.

ALWAYS if your able, seek professional help..

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