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07-04-2013, 05:02 PM
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here comes a bit of a rant, but I gotta get this off my chest...
Are some people really upset the Rangers probably won't be signing any UFA's (at least not any big names)? Over the years many have wanted the Rangers organization to let the kids play develop and build the team from within. Because of the Rangers cap situation this season they basically have to do that, and now some are not happy that the Rangers most likely won't sign any UFA's this offseason?

It is kind of frustrating, personally I like the prospects we have and I'm fine with letting them develop. I know some here are not fans of Kreider and want to trade him, but give him another year or 2 to develop. The great news in a cap world would be him coming off only 1 decent season (next year hopefully) out of his 3 year entry level contract and the Rangers get to sign him long term at a bargain of a salary. I am also excited with a number of the Rangers other prospects.

Last offseason nobody wanted zucc resigned (well scratch that, I did and a few others did too), but the majority wanted nothing to do with him on the Rangers anymore. Zucc resigned during the season came back and now most people are excited to get him resigned with the Rangers for a few more years.

Just a few things I have wanted to get off my chest and this seemed like the perfect spot.

I'm happy we don't have the cap space to sign UFAs because now we see if some kids are ready to make the jump, there are a number of young players hungry and motivated to make the squad. I am excited for training camp to see who wins spots. But for now I will enjoy the offseason with UFA signings around the league to see what teams put themselves in horrible spots. So far the winners seem to be Philly and Pitts not much wiggle room short term, but probably in decent shape long term in the cap keeps increasing.

I know some people will rip into me for saying some things, which is fine you're entitled to your own opinion just as I am. I feel this team needs some small tweaking, but I like the team we had finish up in the playoffs and with some tweaks with bringing in some young players I feel this will be a real exciting team to watch this season and I look forward to enjoying the games and posting on here as I do every season!

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