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10-24-2006, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by White Snake View Post
TO all Bufflao fans:

YOu have a good team but as Habs fans know from the haydays you dont always deserve getting the W. Sometimes you need a few bounces to win and thats what you got tonight. The first goal was a joke (sorry HUet) and the second was a gimme. Miller played good but I was not impressed by Buffalos skating or passing tongiht. If anything Buffalo fans should be breathing a sigh of relief and shutting their mouths. Here is to a great season to both teams. YOu can have the division title but we will be in the Finals.

P.S I dont really think hulls skate was in the crease. It was a good call.
A good team makes the bounces go their way and that's what the Sabres did. Cutting the passing lanes with their sticks, always thinking ahead of a play, great passing team, great overall skills, Miller only played good 'cause we weren't able to test him but believe he can also play great when he faces tougher opposition. We worked the first 10 but got frustrated as the game went on, I thought that the Johnson goal would replace us in the game but it didn't.

Sabres seems to be able to still play a shutdown game like it was in the old NHL but now in the new NHL and they do that with their speed, intelligence and great great coaching.

The Sabres were a much better team last night, didn't think at the beginning of the season that they would bought that system again, but it appears that they did....Nobody takes a shift off on that team, but I can name you a few in ours....

Is it possible that there's some teams better than ours???? Oh yes it is.....

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