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Originally Posted by rumrokh View Post
You'd think, wouldn't you?

That's why the whole players vs. owners thing is a farce in the first place. The players are united in what they want, but the teams are not. The NHL will never be healthy to the core as long as the owners fight each other the way they do while pretending to be a unified group.
They either need a regulatory committee that prevents a minority of teams from gradually wrecking market value or they need to crank up revenue sharing among the teams so that they compensate the teams they hurt.

This step-down of the cap is just a weird situation, though. One player might cash in while a couple others are legit NHL players who don't even get interest. Winning/losing is not easy to judge as a whole.
No way a guy like Weiss gets that much money and I seriously doubt that rumor in the first place. I'm willing to see what shakes out and then judge who has lost their minds.

So your proposed solution is ownership collusion to artificially suppress salaries?

When a team gives a UFA a large contract it's because they're valuing that player, at his current level of development and compared to alternative options, at that dollar amount. it's not a few owners "going rogue." It's just the market working as it should.

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