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07-04-2013, 07:36 PM
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Originally Posted by MatthewBarnabysTears View Post
So your proposed solution is ownership collusion to artificially suppress salaries?

When a team gives a UFA a large contract it's because they're valuing that player, at his current level of development and compared to alternative options, at that dollar amount. it's not a few owners "going rogue." It's just the market working as it should.
When it's the same rich teams giving out big contracts and the same rich teams who don't want to share revenue with smaller market teams, it's pretty clear what's going on. They're angling long-term for contraction. That's not "going rogue," that's teams acting as individuals rather than a unified body with the same interests. It's a blatant conflict. No matter what you do to rectify the issue, it will continue to be an issue until it's addressed.

It's possible the salary cap and contract lengths and so forth ultimately balance everything, but we'll see. That's why I said I was willing to decide based on actual salaries instead of rumored demands. However, there's a strong pattern in the NHL of teams not holding strong. All it takes is one team to cave a little and outbid everybody else and over the course of several years, comparable contracts for negotiation and RFA's in arbitration are all over the place.

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