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07-04-2013, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Guru Meditation View Post
I thought the players lost the lockout battle.

Now we're looking at secondary-level guys asking for the moon. Steve Weiss reportedly wants 6 million a year. For 5 years. Valtteri Filppula wants 5.5 for 6-7 years. Clarkson and Horton want 6+ for 5+ years. With the possible exception of Horton (and I'm not particularly certain of it), those guys are 2nd liners. Bonus factoid: Martin St. Louis almost outscored all 4 of those players put together. If they get what they're demanding, 3/4 of them will make more than MSL, and all of them for more years.

On top of dollars, why does every single contract have such ridiculous term? What has happened in the hockey world to make every UFA contract a lifetime deal? Didn't players lose their leverage, not gain it?

It's annoying for my team in particular because they're about to be a very young team, and so they need roster spots in 3 years, but yet also have cap space to spend here and now. In today's market, you can be willing to pay 5-6 million and come up with nothing because you aren't willing to go above 2 or 3 years.

But outside of my own team, is it going to go on like this, or is this a situation specific to the buyouts? and, well... CAN it go on like this? It seems like not everybody can get those sorts of deals. Even if the dollar amount comes down and the term stays, doesn't that radically change how you build a team now? I feel like it does.

Its called supply and demand. THe basic theory of economics. UFA crop sucks (Supply is low) & Demand is high. Although with the cap going down that should have eased these ridiculous requests a bit. Still though, not completely off base.

If it turns out the demand is not that because of the cap going down then they can continue to ask for whatever they want but in reality will never get close to it.

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