Thread: Speculation: Post Your 2013-14 Lineup
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07-04-2013, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingPhilly View Post
If Holmgren or any GM passed up on a trade that would make the team better just to keep the brothers together, then he would be failing his job as a GM. If a trade comes along that makes sense, makes the team better, and only involves one of the Schenns, you do it.
It does make sense if braydon signs a sweetheart deal. In what world does jvr= luke schenn

Luke schenn for all intents and purposes is a defensive defenseman. He provides some other intangibles such as charchter , leadership and a rock on ice. But basically he is of the same ilk as brooks Orpik, willie mitchell, rob scuderi, robyn regher etc etc.

You need those guys to win, and come playoff time those guys can get up to 25 minutes a game. But those guys can be had for cheap.

Now lets take a look at jvr. Young big mobile power forward who looks like a 30g scorer with 40g potential.

You never make that deal in a million years.

I like luke but we got traderaped.

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