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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
Defensively, Hannan isn't that bad unless trying to defend speed (eg Chicago. But, the tendency to go with stay at home with limited puck skills will further limit the offense. That type of choice says they are comfortable being in the bottom third of the league for scoring (which is nuts IMO). They need fixes and the two biggest are going with 3 scoring lines followed closely by a system modification to encourage defenders to participate offensively and getting defenders who can do so. Every time they get a defender with limited offensive skills, it hurts the overall offense. It's a bad mindset for the team.
Well said on both points. I'd be all for 3 scoring lines (which it looks like they are going for) as well as an emphasis on D men who can play well offensively. Every time you have a guy like Murray, Wallin, etc in the offensive zone you know they won't do much beyond treating the puck like a grenade. The more guys you have like that, the more non factors there are for the opposing team to not worry about.

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