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10-24-2006, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by White Snake View Post
This is the stupidest comment I have heard all year. Be ashamed of yourself. Obviously you are a souray hater and should be made a fool of. If anything it is the other players looking to set him up. There were a few times Souray was not even open and Markov tried to set him up for one even thought Souray was not positioned. Souray will shot when given the chance to do so be if anything the coaches know of his power that hey are the ones trying to make it happen and why not. He is a lethal weapon(player of the week) and should be used. Also other teams know of this and are trying to mark him accordingly. Souray made a great pass to koivu on Sat to set up Ryder's goal.

IF you are a Souray hater out there and still dont know how much he contributes to this team then smack yourself. ITs probably fans like you that chased Turgoen out of town and I spit on you.

What the hell are you talking about? I think you have to read more carefully before jumping to hazardous conclusions. I simply argued the fact that I didn't like the way Souray overly used his shot last night, and only last night, because the Sabres obvious PK plan was to neutralize Souray on the point. Whether it's a coaching mistake, or individual decision it didn't pay off and I thought an adjustment should have been made (or should be for next game) in this area.

I could have very well argued about Markov's continuous diagonal pass that teams now are used too, and would suggest that from now on both Markov and Souray should vary their trademark plays in order to confuse opponents PK plans ie Markov shoting more, Souray passing more, then going back to Souray shoting, Markov passing etc... would this make me a Markov hater and an anti-habs?

This being said, I think I didn't give enough credit to the Buffalo PK on this thread, while I've been telling my gf all night how impressed I was by the Sabres defensive game.

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