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07-04-2013, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by FisherKing View Post
To borrow from good ole Winston Churchill, with changes appropriate to the context,

"Never have so many cried so loud and so hard about so little"

It's a 2 year contract at $4 M per and people are reacting like it was the mirror image of the Gomez contract Gainey was kind enough to acquire on our behalf. Bergevin is NOT A FOOL. He is very much aware of the need to add size to the Habs and I'm sure he will do it when it's a deal, be it UFA or trade, that makes sense and is in the best interests of the team. For now, this is a 2 year $4 M contract. Really not worth getting all wraught up over.
The move in and of itself is not a big deal I agree. It's the implication behind it that are. We basically lowballed Subban to sign this guy. That's the benefit we reap out of it ultimately.

We basically discarded Cole and Ryder, and ended up picking a washed up 36 year old diminutive center who brings more of the same as we had.

The problem is that we aren't moving forward. At best we're moving laterally. And you have to wonder what exactly Briere has left in the tank.

I was told to wait and see what MB would do with the cap room he saved with the Subban hold out. I'm extremely disappointed with the results.

Now I'm told to wait and see because we have 5 of the same player in our top 9 and it can't stay like that. Ok, I'll wait and see what is MB's next move, and I've been backing him up until now, but I'm rapidly getting more and more worried that he's in over his head.

Plus, it bears repeating, I hate Briere. I have always hated him. Getting him now at 36 when he's washed up... argh...This makes this so much worse.

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