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07-04-2013, 08:50 PM
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it certainly isn't a non-factor. it exists in a big way. it was everywhere surrounding the draft. these kids are getting painted with a broad brush and it's discrimination and bias that affects their careers very negatively. they aren't individuals, they are RUSSIANS.

it has negative consequences for the sport, for teams and for hockey fans that enjoy skillful hockey and want to be entertained by talented players.

while i believe that all europeans are touched by it, russians are without doubt impacted the most. i don't think it goes so deeply as to be called racist (although for some the stereotype goes pretty close) so much as perhaps political. whatever it is it is harmful in many ways and there is imo, very little reason for it. every effort should be made by all affected to acknowledge it. then deal with it. the "russian factor" shouldn't be allowed to be a detriment to the careers of the many because of the choices of a very few.

old ideas die hard in the establishment that is hockey. that said, everyone involved is responsible. russians too.

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