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Originally Posted by hockey365 View Post
You have a very good point, but allow me to disagree. If you read French, I encourage you to read some of the articles in the Quebec newspapers on Duclair and the type of training he did last summer.

He moved to Toronto and trained with his uncle, who was a fullback in the CFL. They trained for power, speed and agility. The type of training they do is based on what football players have done for decades. They focus on getting the speedy muscles stronger and faster in order to support the added muscles.

Therefore, if football players can be over 220lbs and still be speedy/shifty, why not hockey players?

What Constantin reported on this board, is that Duclair wants to reach 210lbs in a couple of yrs. I believe Constantin since he's been following the Remparts for a while and I believe Duclair will do it, as he's proved it last summer by gaining 20 lbs.

But you are correct, going from 180 upwards is more difficult...... but can be done.
Well it's the same for football players, the smaller in size, the more shifty they are (overall anyway, there are always a couple flukes). That's why you see such clear separation in size by position in football. Corners are roughly 190-200, safety's 200-220, linebackers 220-250, etc.

And from watching guys bulk up in football, it's rare they gain significant weight (depends on their frame, but 20+ pounds on a 5'11 player is very significant) and maintain the athleticism they had at a lower size

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