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07-04-2013, 11:10 PM
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surprised to see so many yes to be honest. guess the crying divas aren't as numerous as i expected - or some people have a funny sense of numore

voted no because:
1: **** him
2: don't need him
3: **** him
4: injury prone
5: **** him
6: **** him

but really, there's not that many other player to be gotten without some serious overpayment (say hello to clarkson and clowe) which GMMB is rightfully staying away from. and we don't really have any assets to go and trade for them so he status quo'ing the team and im fine with that for now. were not contenders now and no move would make us one, so blergh... it's stopgap.

it's a reasonable contract for a very short term so im not gonna go and ****ing cry about it, but im generally not happy with it, mostly because i think he's a b****. if he's still in one piece by the time the playoffs come around, im sure i'll be happy then

tl;dr big ****ing whoop, it's sunny, is 35 frickin' degrees, no smog anywhere; can't bring me down bros

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