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Have to agree.........!

Originally Posted by Sethis View Post
You are persistent as hell in trying to put a negative spin on everything aren't you?

Yes, this trade is indicative of a clear, unsullied, pure success. If we are grading him on his moves up to this point and assuming that there will be more to come, his summer has been a success.

He has:
-Grabbed a highly sought after and highly regarded Head Coach to begin his own tenure as GM.
-Signed the KHL defenseman of the year to a cheap contract without giving up a single asset.
-Drafted Nurse, who at absolute WORST was the second best option, and had way less question marks then the alternative.
-Turned 1 pick into 5, and grabbed a couple quality Russian sleepers with two of those who have relationships with our young superstar.
-Turned a bloated contract attached to a valueless player into cap space without giving up any additional assets or taking on anything debilitating himself.

Those are all successes. We are in a better position now than we were when he started. You can make assumptions of what was possible for him to do other than these moves, but you have no idea what the actual options were so this is what you have to grade him on. Based on all those moves, I have confidence he will continue to make more good ones.

Don't bother turning it into an argument, you just made the ignore list.

edit: shogun99, apparently we're on the same page

Have to say that Mac T has done more in four months than Tambellini did in four years and the week is not over........!!!

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