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07-05-2013, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
That's a forward corps with tons of potential, but a history of struggling.

Take Nash, Cally, Stepan. Each of these players is a lock to score at a minimum of a 50 point rate, 60 for Nash. Low estimates.

Hags is likely to continue to be that 40-50 point speedster. Boyle can do anywhere between 20 and 40 points, Dorsset is a 20 point energy guy.

But then we have Richards, Brassard, Kreider, Zucc, Miller, Fast, Lindberg,Kristo. Question marks all around.

Richards could put up 70, he could put up 40. Same goes for Brassard.

I'm expecting Zucc to put up anywhere from 35-50.

Kreider! My god. He could put up 10 points or 40!

Miller is too young to expect ANYTHING from.

Tons of question marks.

If this team plays to it's potential, It's a fantastic forward group.

If most of the question marks go the wrong way....well... we've seen what happens.
That's also a really good point... Honestly, after the cluster-fudge known as the 12-13 season, I think at least a FEW of those question marks may turn around...

I'm expecting 50-60 points from Richards. I know he's declining, but with a full training camp and a fresh coach, theres a better-than-not chance of him playing acceptable. Again, acceptable used lightly. he should be putting up 90 at his pay rate, but we've accepted that this is a shot to the moon.

Kreider may excel under AV... If he does that is an easy 40 points, for sure...

Miller WILL need another year in the AHL, for sure. Keep him in the pack, especially with some new veteran players down there

With the Power Play becoming usable again (and hoping that he is on it), Zucc could easily do 40-50 points.

Assuming bad blood from Arniel doesn't creep through his veins, Brass should have another good season. I'm expecting wonders, and no less from him. 60 points easy

Kristo, Lindberg, and Fast are the BIGGEST question marks right now. Hell, if Kristo does well in his trial run period of September thru December, he may KEEP his spot on the team. Let's hope for that, because Thomas was never given a fair shot.
That being said, I'd say 2 out of 8 question marks not turning is a good turnout for this team. Lets assume I am half wrong (it is 2:30AM right now), ok fine Krieder blows chunks and Richards has another 40 point season... We're still in decent shape, and no reason why we can't beat at least 3 other teams in our division, let alone a good chunk of the east

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