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07-05-2013, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Off Sides View Post
I'd be surprised to see Richards get more than 60 points next season. It's possible, but in order to do it he is going to have to take minutes away from both Stepan and Brassard on both the power play and in offensive situations. He'll also have to have the most talented wings the team has flanking him, leaving the lesser talented wings for the other centers.
That is totally fine by me. Torts seemed to spend alot of time "getting Brad going" by giving him prime minutes until the last 15-18 games last season. We lost alot of opportunity because of Brad not being ready to go, which I think was both mental (meaning both on the ice and in the locker room) as well as physical (seriously out of shape with no legs left). Let Brad EARN his ice time... He should never have been spoon fed his ice time like Torts did.

Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Dolan: Who is going to replace Richards? We need to sell his jerseys and tickets to Boxes, you know that.
We have a few kids coming up next season. J.T. played well, you know, some other could be used. We could work something out. The guy turned out to be a burden..
Dolan: All I know is what you told me when we signed him - Richards is a superstar. Make him that again, so we could continue to sell tickets and jerseys. And don't bother me with proposals like that. No.
I LOL'd. Thank you!

Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
we dont need the cap room. cap will go up to 70 mil+.

we'll have plenty of space.

This is true. Cap will hit 70M for 13-14, and probably 73-75M for 14-15. Richards at those respective years will be taking 9.5% of cap for 13-14, and 8.9% of cap for 14-15. If he can continuously bring 60-70 points to the table, he is worth keeping, even with that albatross of a contract. A solid hockey mind and a good locker room leader is worth it, even if he isn't a 100 point player.

If he CANNOT, however, then he needs to be bought out. Briere had 48 points in 48 games last season, and was signed for 6.5M per season (very, very close to Richards, although Flyers offense is definitely better than the Rangers). His new contract after buyout is 2M per year........ 2M PER YEAR... 1/3 OF RICHARDS CAP HIT... That's a serious issue on Richards performance, given that Briere is OLDER than him, and yet out producing him by a very large margin.

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