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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
The Knicks roster is flawed?

Funny because a lot of people were saying that last offseason. Remember?

"They're too old"

"They're too slow"

"They'll never replace Lin and Fields"

The Knicks were one of the best teams in the league last year. They lost to an Indiana team which took Miami to the brink.


Easily one of the best teams in the EC. The NBA isnt the NFL or NHL where you need to stockpile picks and load up the organization at multiple positions.

All you need is two stars and you're a championship contender. One star can do it as well. The Knicks are not going to be bad in the near future, so why hold on to a late-round pick who won't develop into a star?

Knicks are fine. I'm convinced the only people who complain about what the Knicks have done the last three seasons are either fans of other teams or just don't know basketball.
This Knicks roster is seriously flawed.If the series vs the Pacers didn't show you that,im not sure what else to tell you.The Knicks did well in a weak Easten Coference and proceeded to get exposed in the playoffs by a team that played like a team and not relied on its superstar.

Love your mindset though.If people don't agree with your views then they don't understand basketball.Why hold onto late round draft picks indeed.It's only helped teams like the Spurs become champions and retool the right way

Saying this team is easily 1 of the best teams in a weak EC is not exactly a glowing endorsement

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