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07-05-2013, 04:10 AM
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Originally Posted by gosinger View Post
Just 'cos I am pissed off: don't try to go between the opponents legs or cheeky stuff like that, had a guy at fun-roller doing it a couple times yesterday - if he tries anything like that on the ice my shoulder goes into his chest. Try to beat the opposing player cleanly.
Don't listen to this guy. You're a poor sport bro.

1) As far as the game is concerned, if it's a legit play, it's a clean play. Just because you don't like the move, or a particular play makes you look bad is not his problem; it's a you problem.

Looking bad happens to all hockey players, even the best. It's part of hockey and this happens to everyone from time to time. If you can't live with this part of the sport, and learn to live-and-let-live, you're going to have a lot of unpleasant hockey memories in your hockey life.

2) If this was a game situation where contact is legal, bodying him after trying to put the puck past you is a legit play anyways. If it's a game where contact is not legal, well good job putting your team short handed because your pride can't take a hit every now and then. If it's pickup, learn to chill out, play around, have fun. Don't ask people to dumb a game down because YOU don't want to defend a certain move, or YOU can't defend a certain move. This is exactly why this is a YOU thing and not a THEM thing.

3) Dealing with higher calibre players, being exposed to new moves you either haven't seen before, or cannot defend before is exactly how people progress as players.

I'm a dangler, trust me that this is truth. The more people see these kind of things, the less they fall for it in the future. For people who haven't figured out how defend such moves, the more chances they get to figure it out. By not accepting flashier, fancier, or creative-type moves, tells me you just want to defend conservative, traditional hockey plays. That's a ####ing lazy, unprogressive approach to the sport

4) Get your anger under control. It's just a game, it's just a hockey move. Whether you really are or not, right now you sound like a consequences be damned kind of person when you're angry. You're the worst kind of athlete in my books. You're going to hurt somebody someday if you can't keep that $#!t under control.

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