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07-05-2013, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
What? So beating a defenseman through the legs isn't beating the opposing player "cleanly"? There are a few great moves that can be done against a defenseman in beer-league that involve going through his legs... and this shouldn't result in a body check against the puck carrier...
Because if you go through the legs you are trying to get past the D very close to his body - on the ice a D doesn't watch the puck, he watches your chest, and if you try to go through him with squared shoulders the D will nail you.

On the given example I was pissed because in roller we can't body check, but everyone playing at this game is just doing roller for the time we don't have a rink available - don't train for bad habits.

Same @Noir, we don't have non-contact hockey over here (sadly not even in pick-up, even there we have open-ice hits where the more experienced "teach" players to keep their head up). This isn't about pride, or about looking bad, I was pissed off because I know on the ice I'll just take the body, and we all play to train for the coming ice season.

And even if a game was non-contact, that shouldn't change the way the game is played in my opinion. Just because the opposing player is not allowed to hit you this doesn't change the game into school-gym-basketball where you play as if the player with the ball is made of fire and you have to avoid touching him.....

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