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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
The economy is worthless but the NHL has developed really well. Now the economy is looking slightly better and things in the league are looking great. The product is OK. The biggest franchises are doing awesome.

The cap will go right back up in a hurry and then some.

Next summer, depending a few deadline deals, more or less 30 TEAMS will have 6-10m of cap space.

How many teams are rebuilding this now? Calgary and ??? 29 teams looking to get better and win the cup! With 10m of capspace each.

Hence why I definitely would have squeezed in Lecavalier if possible under our cap. Hence why teams are going after players this summer to the extent possible, because from now on 5.5-6+m per is what a Bozak or a Fillpula or a Hudler or a Leino will cost. And you will probably be competing with a handful of teams for each player. The (i) contenders in (ii) the big markets will be the only ones who can get players because besides dollars they are more attractive.

Philly isn't stupid. Or maybe they are, but not like brain dead. They want to be a good team this season. If Philadelphia is a good team:
A) Their players will score alot of pts and have alot of value on the open market; which gives them flexibility; and

B) They will be attractive for UFAs and will get more players.

If they don't get Streit and Lecavalier: a) they miss the POs again this season, b) quite possible Schenns, Couts and co have very mediocre stats, c) many of their players loose their glare and loose value, d) they aren't as attractive and have to overpay UFAs, e) they can't make trades as easy when a bunh of guys like Schenns, Voracek, Couts, Read and co have had mediocre seasons back to back.

Appearances certainly matters!

It will be extremely hard to get players!

Not doing anything is far from ways a good option! (where are we without signing Gabby, BR and trading for Nash? Answer: good enough to not get any high draft picks, not nearly good enough to go anywhere...)
Also if the league expands by two (which is likely) that's more revenue.

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