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01-09-2004, 04:34 AM
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It doesn't mater

Originally Posted by Hockeycrazed07
Hey all~
I was wondering what the most recent lines used by the Rangers were. Can anyone let me know what they were?

Also, and this is more for everyone, if you could be the coach of the Rangers, and had at your disposal all of the resources of the NY system and a healthy group of players, what lines would you use?

Thanks in advance!
Regardless of the combinations they will still stink. They are too old, too slow, overpaid and for the most part over the hill. It is a poorly conceived "team" made up of former all stars. This includes just about the entire team including Leetch and Messier. When was the last time Leetch played like his former self. It's time to stop making excuses for him. Trade him and get soemthing in return while you can. Heck if Gretzsky was traded why not Leetch. I don't care if Messier is the leading goal scorer, he does nothing else and in fact hurts the team with his defense and his passes (I think he still believes he's playing with Gretzsky, Kurri, etc.). The only players who show anything are Holik, DeVries, Lindros and Ortmeyer. At least Branaby, Simon and Kaspar try. The rest of them are a joke. By the way as long as Lindros continues to play with Barnaby and Simon his offensive numbers will decline.

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