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07-05-2013, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by CS View Post
Yeah, regardless of what happens, I think Mason is the 1A and whoever we get is 1B.

Some people seem to think that if we sign Thomas or Emery, or trade for Halak, that we're going to be riding them for 60+ games. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Mason should at least get the chance to show what he can do this year so signing Emery to a long term deal (5 years???) at $3.5m or whatever seems entirely counterproductive. If Mason turns out to be able to keep putting up the good performances then he becomes no.1, we offer him a new deal and Emery as backup is costing us far too much for far too long.

Not only that but Mason's numbers for us, without credible defence (in only 7 games admittedly), were better than Emery's (in 21) for the best team in the league. Neither played enough games to to warrent faith as the next no.1 but that's why Mason got a pay cut and a one year deal... Paying Emery more than double for a considerable amount of years is baffling.

Personally I take Thomas on a short deal, then Khudobin (who has always been good but, again, not enough games to justify no.1) on a similar short deal (overpay if you must) , after that take whatever's left and go with Mason as your no.1.

Essentially, I think whoever comes in has to be on a short deal, otherwise we're just getting ready to shoot ourselves in the foot...

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