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10-24-2006, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Raider917 View Post
the announcers cant annoy me when im watching RDS like they do when i watch in english. im sure they would if i understood them. if they constantly do brag up all the quebec born players playing for either team, to me that is just as bad as harry neal or bob cole.

the bigger problem to me is rds's availibility. i had to buy an expressvu reciever cause of starchoice not having it. i liked starchoices service better overall than expressvu. rain kills the reception in expressvu, it doesnt matter if its mid august or mid february.
I used to have Starchoice and RDS is available. Channel 750. RIS was 749. RIS was a different package than RDS tho, because I didn't have the news.

Whenever a game is shown on both english and french, I stick to the french. Why should I go watch it in english when they can't be bothered to show me more than a handful of games a year. Besides, Bob Cole, Harry Neale, Greg Millen, Glen Healy and Pierre Maguire really annoy me. Cole and Neale for obvious homer reasons, plus Neale annoys me more with his phylosophies that he throws in all the time and when he says Sundin took a shot at 43' feet away. Millen and Healy don't like the Habs, and really show it. Millen just looks like a racist to me also. Not wanting to play in Quebec when he was traded there. And Maguire just comes off as a bitter loud mouth know-it-all with an ax to grind. Pedneault still annoys me in french, especially when he gets it in his head that he doesn't like a player (Zednick last year, every play that didn't work was his fault). But at least on the french channel, I can watch all 82 games. This way I don't have to worry about which channel to watch, just when the next game is.

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