Thread: Speculation: Grabovski on waivers
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07-05-2013, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
You really don't understand how waivers work, do you? Yesterday you were on the trade board asking if he was claimed yet and now you're here posting that you think it's safe to say we didn't claim him...

Waivers are not an instantaneous process like a trade. Teams place players on waivers at 12 noon EST each day and the player remains on waivers till 12 noon EST the following day at which point the NHL announces whether anyone has been awarded a player's waiver rights through a claim or whether that player has cleared waivers. It is all done through the league office and via an order of selection based upon the standings (Preds currently hold 4th waiver claim).

We will not know if any team put in a claim for Grabovski till 11 AM local time today. I doubt anyone did with that contract, but again we will not know until the league office announces it.
Thank you for clearing that up i was not 100% sure if waivers worked the same way with buyout waivers. I figured i would try to get an answer since i was not the only goon asking on the boards and especially twitter.

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