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07-05-2013, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Voted no, expected to see like 95% no votes, was shocked to see only a 60/40 split. I can't understand how any Habs fan likes this signing at this point. It doesn't mean it couldn't still pan out, or that Bergevin couldn't have other tricks up his sleeve, but until all that actually happens, I just can't see how anybody likes this signing.
'Cause the question is about the signing itself...not the overall summer. If it stays like that, a resounding no will be heard. But in Brière you add a guy who is great on the PP, who is a well known very good playoff performer, you add a guy who wants to proove that he still belongs and you add a guy who, while playing at home, will do everything he can to REALLY proove he does belong. You get a motivated, still very good, but declining, player. Again, if this team would all be 6'4'' and we'd be added Brière, we'd love the I go beyond that and STILL like the signing for what it is. Thing is...who in this UFA market, right now, was desperately willing to come here for the kind of combination of money and years we can afford?

Yes, Bergevin needs to address toughness and quality of D. Let's ask the question in September again and if nothing is done, you'll see that there will be no Yes left....

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