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07-05-2013, 09:40 AM
Burke the Legend
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I seriously don't get the Gionta criticism. Last season he was on 82 game pace for 25 goals. And he gets them in the dirty areas by working well in the corner and in front of the net. He leverages his small size (very strong + low centre of gravity) well there.

Top 6 players who do that well do not grow on trees. There's only a handful in the league who score more than 25 goals in these areas, players like Vanek who cost a lot more. Ontop of that Gionta + Plekanec is our best defensive tandem for 5v5 and PK.

Yes he is 34 but he seems to be in good shape still, has wheels. You may as well keep him until he clearly starts regressing on the ice, he will be harder to replace than people think.

DD on the other hand has done OK work as an offensive centre, 50-60 points in the NHL is nothing to scoff at. But he doesn't bring much else to the table (plays soft, weak defence) so is much more expendable since the Habs have nice depth at C. MB hasn't been able to trade DD yet, but I think DD will have trade value later as a backup option for teams that need more offence in their top 9 and don't get their first choice from free agency or trades.

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