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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
"If". That's an interesting word, because it means that everything after it didn't actually come true.

I never said signing Emery the first time was a bad idea, but it did turn out to be a mistake and it did cost us dearly. I guess you can't blame the franchise for the signing, but I'm mystified as to how our team physicians didn't happen to notice a hip in such horrendous shape when giving Emery his physical...

Anyway, my point was that this is yet another retread (the Flyers' way: bringing back former players) and it's bringing back a guy who wasn't all that great for us the first time (due to injury) and a guy who is totally unproven as an NHL starter (post surgery) or even as a guy in a strict timeshare.

Ray Emery has played 65 games TOTAL in the last 3 years and you think it's a good idea to sign him with the intention of potentially being our starter?!? What could possibly go wrong there? His hip hasn't been tested at all over the grind of true starter's workload. Heck, he hasn't even been tested YET in a true 50-50 timeshare where he plays 40+ games in a season. But who am I kidding, I'm sure this gamble will work out fabulously... just like all the other moves we've made involving goalies for the past 15 years.

On top of the injury issues and the fact that his hip is totally untested in a 50-50 timeshare, let alone a starter's workload, there's the fact that his stats aren't really that great. Sure he's a feel good story, but his save percentages are less than those of Corey Crawford over the last 2 years: The same Corey Crawford who NOBODY considers to be an elite starter, the same Crawford who Hawks fans wanted benched several times this season and even in these playoffs.
The alternative available at this point?

Thomas? Dan Ellis?

No one can predict how Mason/Emery will do at stopping the puck but one thing the Flyer's signings have done is provide skill sets to the line up that will off set a big weakness ---- the d not transitioning the puck up ice & not getting hemmed up in their own end.

Puck Possession - Vinny and Hall both are around 54% on F/O which will get them possession of the puck. Both are also big centers that aren't easily knocked off the puck.

Mason and Emery are both light years better then Bryz at moving the puck so teams can't just dump it in the corner and hem the D in their own end. Having goalies that can move the puck and take pressure off of the D will make the d and forwards look better.

Streit adds an element that was taken for granted with Carle. Streit won't take the puck end to end but he can make a clean outlet pass.

I think the d will look much different next season.

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