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01-09-2004, 06:44 AM
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Originally Posted by kazo
Other than Simon, Lindros, and Holik, I'm not sure who the other "big" guys are. They certainly don't play big.
Let's take a look..

Ruchinsky- Speed, but doesn't play big.

Holik- Big, decent wheels for a big guy, usually makes them pay

Simon- Big, tries to make them pay, wich he had another gear, but he's done a good job

Lindros- Good wheels, usually makes them pay, but he should be the one to collect the puck to score after the defenseman is smeared.

Carter- Can't decide if he's just not fast enough, or just doesn't feel like forechecking..

Kovalev- Decent speed, but not fast, not a forechecker either..

Barnaby- Always goes in to make 'em pay, wish he had another gear, but he's faaarrrr from the problem..

Nedved- Very average skater, doesn't forecheck

Hlavac- Some speed, but never used on the forecheck

Messier- Still has decent wheels, doesn't forecheck

Lacouture- Better than average speed, forechecks alright, but not with the reckless abandon required for his role..

Ortmeyer- Not fast, but better than average, ALWAYS goes in to finish his checks..

Lundmark- Same with Jed on the speed, but doesn't forecheck..

Who did I leave out??

To me, that list suggest that if one or two out of Nedved, Carter, Hlavac or LaCouture can be replaced by a speed demon who always goes in to finish his checks (whether he's 5'11" 195 or 6'3" 220) then I think we'd see a very noticeable improvement in the energy level, and "pin down" ability of this Ranger team.. And if a crease clearing defenseman can come in the same deal, they would be even better..

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