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Originally Posted by Frolic and DeTorts View Post
What we don't? We have a star player (Nash), an elite goaltender (Henrik), great young defenseman (McDonagh), emerging young players.

The rest is maneuvering. We have a legit chance to win the Cup, yes. Not sure if you were being sarcastic.
When did you become a Rangers fan? Last week? Listen my friend, I'm not being sarcastic here because in case you haven't looked at their pathetic history, we've won exactly 1 cup in 73 years and the roster we have here right is totally flawed. We are small, slow and offensively challenged.
Our defense which is way overrated on these board is chockful of a bunch of left side clones who basically all play the same type of finesse game meaning they never clear anybody out from in front of the net and they don't win a lot of battles in the trenches and along the boards. There isn't a legit #1 defenseman(including McDonagh) on this team nor is there a legit #1 center(unless Richards does a 180 degree turnaround) here.

Nash who I wanted desperately and we gave up a # of core foot soldiers to acquire was a big disappointment in terms of his lack of physicality and compete level last year.

In my opinion, we are a middle of the road team that will struggle to make the playoffs this year.

We are not even in the same stratosphere with the Hawks, Bruins, Pens, Wings, Kings and teams like the Leafs, Bolts, Canadiens, Sharks, Islanders and even the Blue Jackets have gotten bigger and better.

I really don't understand your rationale about our boys. I hope you're right and I end up being wrong!

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