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01-09-2004, 09:03 AM
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I agree that it's a shame we never got to see what this team could have been. Not for one game. But things are so jumbled right now, it's time to just let it go.

Trade anyone over 30. It doesn't really matter for what exactly. Don't trade someone for an 8th round pick just to do it, but start moving the old guard out. That includes Norstrom, Miller(when he gets back), Laperriere, and whoever else. As Deadmarsh is looking like he's done for good and with his contract up at the end of this year, with Allison not coming back this year and his contract up as well, with Palffy now probably out for the season with his contract up also, and with the looming lockout/strike, it's just time to start over. I know, I know, nobody wants more rebuilding, blah, blah, blah. We all want a winner. But there was a chance the Kings make the playoffs with Palffy. If he's done, even for a month, they're not making it.

The worst part(aside from Palffy, Allison, and Deadmarsh), is that guys like Aulin, Brown, and Grebeshkov have also gotten hurt for long periods of time. It sounds like Aulin won't be back, but hopefully Brown and Grebeshkov will be back within the next month, and can salvage their rookie seasons with some playing time.

If there is a season next year, fine. But go into it with young guys. They had no choice this year, because nobody was sure whether Deadmarsh and Allison were coming back. But now that we know their situations are far worse then we knew, and with Palffy getting hurt, and all their contracts up at seasons end, it's just time to blow it up. Make this Frolov's team. Go with the young guys. If you have to keep vets like Robitaille and Klatt, I can live with it. They can certainly teach some young guys how to play. But Norstrom could get the Kings something. Miller, Straka, and Laperriere could as well. Maybe even Stumpel and Modry could bring back a decent draft pick.

The team we thought we could have with Palffy, Allison, and Deadmarsh is gone. There isn't even a chance for it to get going anymore. Just blow it up, and move forward with the best crop of prospects the Kings have ever had.

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