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Originally Posted by Colt.45Orr View Post
Thornton is as tough as nails, but is small for a 2013 "heavy" and should not have to go up against all these guys from our rivals list:


Those guys all have tons of size on Thornton and are a threat to beat him up. I love Thornton, but he just keeps getting older it just keeps getting worse for him. A few years ago he was the big shark in the divisional waters and now he is looking like chum for some of these guys.

He's too old and too small relatively speaking) to be going up against all these guys. The Habs will likely sit Parros lots but play him every game against the Bruins. The word is out to run Chara and get him off his game. We should play Thornton 50 games this year (after a long playoff run that is more than enough) and should be looking at getting a 600k hulk who can be put into the line-up when the divisional rivals decide they want to rough it up.
if thornton cant do the job... thornton loses the job

meat heads like this list you name get 5-7 mins of ice per game... they are non factors. they fight the other teams goon 15-20 times a year

real tough guys that make a differnce are guys like chara and lucic that can actually intimidate the stars on the other team

we got more of them then anyone else... we are still number 1

if thornton has to take a few extra punches in the head this year to earn his 1.1 mill... sorry but thats his job.

whether he wins those fights or not... is irrelevent. he just has to show up

other teams are trying to get team tough by having a goon in their lineup... goons dont make any team team tough

we are fine

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