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Originally Posted by BoxerMax View Post
@Massey, I'm a huge fan of Chapman. But on a team with a good Blueline, not a great Blueline, he would be a 5/6 Dman and play PK. He is too slow and clumsy at times but has more heart and compete level than 95% of the league.

I could be wrong about Tony D, but my understanding was he did not like JB one bit. If I am wrong, then I would agree that he would probably be traded this year.

@dansk55 That would be great to finally get Crombeen here for his last year, but it would be hard with having to move 2 other OA's to open a spot for him. I do think that Basso will be moved before the start of the season. He should bring a good return. That would leave Duininck, Taki and Latta to start the season as OA's
Chapman, was the only defenseman on Sarnia capable of handling the big Whalers in the playoffs on a consistent basis in the slot. You need a guy like that. His skating and puck skills are improving, they're not an asset, but you can see he's putting in the effort, I think the debate of him being 2nd/3rd pairing is because he's a true 4-5 D in this league. Strong D he's a #5, weaker D he's a #4. He's also a PK guy so unless there's a good deal on the table I can't see him going anywhere.

Craig Duininck is definitely captain material. I wouldn't be surprised if Sarnia keep him regardless of what the plan is, because this team will be young and he'll be an important voice. Even rebuilding teams need those older guys to play a positive influence for the younger guys. Craig can play big minutes and help this team on and off the ice. So while he may be moved, don't be surprised if the team wants to keep him around at very least until the deadline.

Sarnia's blueline will likely have Connor Schlichting 16 year old 6'2" D. He improved leaps and bounds this year in Minor Midget, I really like his on ice play, but I've heard a few concerns which I won't elaborate on that prevented him from being as high as a potential late first rounder. I hope he works out because he already has great size and plays a very intelligent positional game. He will just need to be patient developing up through this blueline.

I can also see the team keeping Nikandrov and playing him top six. The kid blocks shots, does what it takes to win every night and consistently plays against the opposing team's top line, and plays with a ton of heart. He's not a big offensive guy, but for what he brings he doesn't need to put up huge numbers. I was personally surprised an NHL team didn't use atleast a 6th or a 7th on him. He would be a low risk pick that would be a true bottom six, team player, playing penalty kill, etc. I'm sure he gets a camp invite and I hope he keeps working hard. I also think he needs to stay because he and Goldobin have outstanding chemistry on the ice, again that is just my opinion.

I know the concern is this team is going to enter a full rebuild but I think they have several pieces to make them exciting. Goldobin is a potential top 10 pick in the NHL. Nikita Korestelev has a pro level shot right now today, so it's going to be interesting watching him play at this level. Brett Hargrave started to show flashes of the player he could be, so I think he could surprise. He still possess a lot of upside. Then you can look at guys like Jordan Addesi who hits everything that moves and leaves it all on the ice every game. Renaud who appears to have developed a bit of a nasty edge making him more effective in the second half. Then there's Noah Bushnell who was the Matt Martin of Ontario Minor Midget. I know how much fans here loved Martin, and I'm telling you Noah Bushnell plays the exact same game. Mean, physical, drops the gloves (even in Minor Midget) and has a good shot. Give him time and you guys will love him. Then there's Davis Brown. He also had flashes. he's not afraid of anything, skates fast and he has a laser of a release, he's a guy who could surprise. All of these guys are going to have one more year of development so I hope fans don't sell this team too short too fast. They may not be contenders but you're going to get to see a lot of young players develop.

By my count there's 6 potential NHL picks on this team for 2014. Nikolai Goldobin and Anthony DeAngelo are sure fire picks, Brett Hargrave, Jordan Addesi, Alexandre Renaud and Tyler Hore are all 6'2"-6'4" and could potentially still be growing. They all have a very real chance at being selected depending on how this season goes. I would love to see this team land Josh Jacobs (who plays in the USHL, they drafted in him 2012) he is another legitimate top 60 NHL pick which would push them to 7. Also some of their draft picks from 2012 could add to this team. First one that comes to mind is Centre Patrick White. He showed both some really good offensive flashes and the ability to take care of his own zone, so he could come in and contribute (and would be a 2014 eligible).

I'm also glad that when the coaching position became available, Trevor was given the opportunity. You talk to people in and out of hockey, players, coaches, agents, scouts, I have never heard one person say a bad word about Trevor Letowski. He's the guy that multiple former players of his, off the record have told me that everyone would go through a wall for him without hesitation. I remember when he filled in as coach a few years ago he made a rebuilding team competitive every night. I think this was a great decision by the organization, and I think he will get the very most out of this team.

I come on here very little, and comment even less but I thought it would be a good time to inject a little optimism about the future. No matter what I do, or where I go, Sarnia is my hometown, I was still in elementary school when the Sting came to Sarnia, so it's a part of my youth, and I'd like to see this organization reach it's potential. I've seen some of these kids before they played for Sarnia, or who have yet to play for Sarnia, and I think there's plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the future. I also hope when they fill the General Manager position they find someone who won't try to do too much too fast, build this team up with youth and improves it through the draft. This is a good year in the Western Conference to be young and building up, because it will be tough for any team not named the London Knights teams to make a serious run out of the West this year.

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